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Criminal Law

In terms of quality, as opposed to quantity, the criminal law team at Peacock Johnston is one of the finest and most respected in Glasgow. Our specialised team is capable of assisting you in all criminal matters, ranging all the way from breach of the peace, road traffic accidents and Proceeds of Crime issues, through to murder.

Our highly qualified team is also able to represent you in the Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court and the High Court, for Summary and Solemn trials. We deal with prosecutions against both individuals and companies. Our specialist team also undertakes the defence of highly technical prosecutions brought by the Crown against businesses, including environmental and workplace prosecutions and expertise.

Our criminal law department has daily experience and expertise of the criminal courts that is not usually to be found within larger commercial firms. Large firms may occasionally be asked to represent their large commercial clients in a prosecution but our expertise is based on 30 years of regular and frequent appearances in criminal courts throughout Scotland and at the highest level.

Regardless of what the offence is or where the case is to be prosecuted, our expert legal advice and defence will be incisive and dare we say it, smart, whether you are eligible for Legal Aid or paying privately.

Our Approach

When you first make an enquiry with us, an experienced member of our medical law team will discuss your case with you. We will then arrange a detailed meeting to discuss your case and the surrounding circumstances. We fully appreciate that geography can sometimes prevent us from meeting with our clients, but in such an instance we are more than happy to rely on telephone or e-mail exchanges. It is also possible for a member of our team to visit those clients less physically able to meet with us in our office.