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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Peacock Johnston, we appreciate that we would not have a successful business without our dedicated staff, our clients, our suppliers, or our wider community. Although all Scottish Solicitors are obliged to act in a professional and ethical manner, we understand that for us to make a difference, our values make us go further.

We are committed to behaving responsibly towards:

  • All those who work as a member of our team;
  • Both our clients and our suppliers; and
  • The wider community

Our Team

Our core values are to treat every member of our team with dignity and respect, regardless of seniority, status, or experience. As a firm, we are committed towards realising the potential and the career aspirations of each member of our team, be they qualified or unqualified.

Our practice environment is one of mutual respect and appreciation, where every member of our team is respected for the contribution they make to the firm. We feel that such an attitude breeds a culture of teamwork and mutual commitment, achieving a superior level of service for our clients.

We are fully appreciative of the need for a work/life balance and, as a result, we are fully committed to the family needs and personal circumstances of our team. For many years we have operated flexible working systems for working parents. Needless to say, we are also committed to supporting staff through times of illness and ill health.

Clients & Suppliers


At Peacock Johnston, we recognise the individual and variable need of each of our clients, from individuals to multi-national corporations. In providing our services, we constantly strive to consider how we can add value to our client’s position, and aspire towards a superior quality service that sets us apart from other legal firms.

We appreciate that our commercial and business clients are seeking to make a cost-effective and commercial solution that works. It is our commitment to achieve this, additionally providing assistance in creating a long-term, rather than a short-term, solution.

For our private clients, we always try to make sure that our legal advice is incisive and practical.


We also recognise that our suppliers are in business to make a profit and they expect to be treated fairly. Accordingly, we aim to pay our suppliers fairly and timeously, with a view to a long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship.

As part of our dedication towards quality and excellence, we seek to provide comprehensive instructions to experts and Counsel. Our reputation in providing instructions allows us to call upon prominent external service providers, for the benefit of our clients.


We recognise the importance of our involvement in both the legal, and wider, community; and have always sought to, “give something back.” In terms of the legal community, our team recognises the importance of its lawyers serving on organisations and committees, as well as committing to education and development, for the benefit of the legal profession as a whole. This commitment extends to encouraging new blood into the legal profession in the form of placements for aspiring students and traineeships for graduates.

We also recognise our commitment to the wider community as a whole. We are fully committed to providing Legal Aid to all our eligible clients and, in the appropriate circumstances, we can provide free legal advice on a pro bono basis. Our team also frequently gives their time, help, and support to organisations within our community.


Our vision is to build a business which: encourages each individual to fulfil their potential; provides our clients with incisive and practical legal advice; and recognises our commitment to, and involvement in, the wider community as a whole.