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At Peacock Johnston, we are determined to build on our reputation for excellence. We recognise that, in order for our firm to grow, we require to employ individuals with the skills to match our ambitions.

As employers, we are committed to recognising the career aspirations of all employees and by assisting all employees towards fulfilment of their potential. In practical terms, this means that we are committed to ongoing training, development and support to all staff, qualified or unqualified. We will support those who wish, in obtaining professional qualifications, through a process of ongoing personal development.

Our core values are to treat every member of our team with dignity and respect, regardless of seniority, status, or experience. As a firm, we are committed towards realising the potential and the career aspirations of each member of our team, be they qualified or unqualified.

Our practice environment is one of mutual respect and appreciation, where every member of our team is respected for the contribution they make to the firm. We feel that such an attitude breeds a culture of teamwork and mutual commitment, achieving a superior level of service for our clients.

We are fully appreciative of the need for a work/life balance and, as a result, we are fully committed to the family needs and personal circumstances of our team.

Accordingly, we are always keen to hear from both experienced and newly qualified solicitors, from all areas of practice, who can identify with our values and wish to be a valued member of our team.

Legal staff vacancies

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What would you be exposed to?

  • Court Work
  • Continuing Professional Development to include attending courses and seminars
  • Direct contact with Clients

What skills you would gain?

  • Client Care
  • Case Managment
  • Written and Oral Advocacy Skills


Our aim is to develop a highly skilled professional who will be ready to take on their own cases & clients in two years.
Send Us Your CV - We look forward to hearing from you.