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At Peacock Johnston our aim is to listen carefully to you, the client, and treat you as an individual, so that we can work towards a solution that is most beneficial to you. We fully appreciate that whether you require your car for social or business purposes, the consequences of a guilty verdict can have severe consequences for you, your business, and your family. It is therefore in your interests to speak with specialists who can provide you with practical and incisive legal advice at an affordable cost.

With 30 years experience in the criminal courts, Peacock Johnston are one of the most respected firms in Glasgow. Our expert team is capable of defending, advising and representing you in cases involving:-

  • Speeding
  • Mobile phone use
  • Drink related offences
  • Careless and dangerous driving
  • Fatal accidents
  • Totting up disqualification cases
  • Special reasons and exceptional hardship Proofs (where you are at risk of losing your driving licence)
  • Other road traffic offences
  • Any other case where you are at risk of losing your driving licence.

Our Approach

When you first make an enquiry with us, an experienced member of our medical law team will discuss your case with you. We will then arrange a detailed meeting to discuss your case and the surrounding circumstances. We fully appreciate that geography can sometimes prevent us from meeting with our clients, but in such an instance we are more than happy to rely on telephone or e-mail exchanges. It is also possible for a member of our team to visit those clients less physically able to meet with us in our office.